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  • Lnez

    I received one of the candles for Christmas…, it’s by far the best candle I have ever lit…. They smell wonderful … One candle I can smell throughout my whole house…they look beautiful… I am immediately ordered two more candles from the website and can’t wait to give them to my friends ~

  • Sheb

    I've received my purchase. These candles are exquisite. It's super cool to see how they have a glittery way that they burn. So pretty & relaxing. The lavender aroma from "Perfect Placidity" is peacefully placed in my bedroom. It helps me to find calmness & relax. ~

  • Cheyanne

    I have ordered multiple times and have yet to be disappointed! I've ordered probably 7 or 8 different scents and they were all very fragrant without being overpowering. And the vessels are absolutely beautiful and compliment any room. I highly recommend giving them a try!