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MLCA Lux Aura

Absolute Contentment Gold Label

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Absolute Contentment: at MLCA the peace of being fully content in life and enjoying where you are at the moment is the ultimate goal. We feel you can have growth but be happy with your current state.

Notes of Ozone, Water Lily & Honeydew

Scent Category: Clean & Sweet

Aromatherapy & Mood Highlights:

Light & Refreshed

  • Ozone is fresh like the rain and clean as a springs downpour. It gives a mood of clean and refreshed
  • The smell of water lily is known for bringing joy, happiness and lifting feelings of content
  • Honeydew is known for stopping confusion, easing tension and bringing peace of mind. It’s fresh scent lends to a happy

Hand Poured with Luxury Coco Apricot Wax blended with clean fragrance scents in a beautiful reusable luxury vessel

Size: 14 ounces | 60+ hours of burn time