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MLCA Lux Aura

Serenity Snap Bar

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Serenity: at MLCA we are serious about peace & serenity. With our Serenity Candle we are focused on your peace, calm and grounding your mood.

Notes of fresh linen, ozone with a hint of light musk

Scent Category: Clean & Fresh (odor eliminating)

Aromatherapy Highlights & Mood:

Calming & Relaxing:

  • When you wash a fresh load of laundry and catch that scent of freshness it causes a natural lift to your mood that is warm & welcoming
  • Ozone is just as it sounds; it reminds you of thunderstorms and rain on a bright sunny day. The things that make you feel warmth & comfort 
  • Musk is grounding, deep & demanding

Hand Poured with Luxury Coco Apricot Wax blended with clean fragrance scents in a beautiful reusable luxury vessel

1.75 oz