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MLCA Lux Aura

Perfect Placidity Gold Label

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Perfect Placidity: at MLCA Lavender is our flagship scent. Lavender alone embodies everything peace and the word placidity is all things peace.

Notes of Lavender Flowers, cedar & bergamot all blended with 100% lavender essential oils

Scent Categories: Earthy & Natural

Highlights & Mood:

Ease your worries & thoughts:

  • Lavender moves you to loosen every muscle in your body and to relax, eases the worries in your mind and lightens your mood.
  • Cedar in scientific research is soothing to your mood that makes it beneficial to calming 
  • Bergamot soothes your nerves, reduces tension

Hand Poured with Luxury Coco Apricot Wax blended with clean fragrance scents in a beautiful reusable luxury vessel

Size: 14 ounces | 60+ hours of burn time