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MLCA Lux Aura

Optimism (Formally Sanguine Soft Sugar)

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Optimism: In a world of possibilities at MLCA we embrace the power of positivity where we choose to see the beauty in every moment where hope is your guiding light.

Notes of Cashmere Plum, Sea Salt and Orchid

Scent Category: Cozy & Warm

Aromatherapy & Mood Highlights:

This captivating fusion will elevate your surroundings with the opulence of Cashmere Plum entwined with the coastal freshness of Sea Salt and the delicate allure of Orchid blooms.

  • Cashmere plum is a luxurious marriage of cashmere with the sweet succulent sweetness of a ripe plum
  • Sea Salt & Orchids blend captures the coastal serenity with a soft floral touch of elegance

Hand Poured with Luxury Coco Apricot Wax blended with clean fragrance scents in a beautiful reusable luxury vessel

Size: 14 ounces | 60+ hours of burn time