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Behind The Desk

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If you're feeling stuck in the daily grind and looking for a way to break out of the monotony, this book is for you.

Co-authored by a group of women who have been there, "Behind The Desk" offers relatable and inspiring stories of how to use your unique gifts and strengths to make a real difference, with or without staying behind the desk. Each author shares her personal journey of finding meaning in her career, offering a gentle nudge to take that first step toward discovering your own path to purpose and passion.

Whether you're considering a career shift, looking to explore new passions, or simply searching for deeper meaning in your current role, "Behind The Desk" is the perfect guide to help you find clarity and direction. Discover how to embrace opportunities that exist within the workplace and use your own strengths to make a difference – right where you are – behind the desk. 

As a co-author in this project I truly hope you find the inspiration, motivation & courage you are seeking to enhance your journey! ~ Tracee Lynn