Our Brand & Founding Story!

Miss Lynn's Candles of Affirmation also known as MLCA was birthed in 2007. The name was given by Agnes, my beautiful grandmother. When I initially launched the affirmational candle line, I had no idea what that truly meant. My grandmother was speaking more into my future than I would ever understand and know. At this time, affirmations weren't a popular or a well understood thing but Agnes knew exactly what they were, she has always been way ahead of her time.

My grandmother's vision was that I have affirmations on every single one of my vessels or jars (what they were called at the time) but I didn't know how to really make that come to life so I made candles and sold them to friends and family with no affirmations. Then came along my youngest son in 2008 and as you could imagine, candles and my business fell to the backburner as I navigated being a working wife and mother of two.

In an effort to lose weight and always being a person that was into fitness I got back in the gym and started first with spin classes and then my mom introduced me to Zumba. Never one to just sit on the sidelines I became a Zumba instructor.

I have always had a capacity for encouraging others and that for me is my life purpose and in this period of my life motivating through Zumba was the gift I poured into. I even held two very successful fitness expos called the "Fitness Boss Expo". Throughout this journey and time I also went through a divorce in 2015 and started therapy. My therapist would joke and laugh how attuned I was and that I really know the answers just needed someone to "move" me along. He even recognized my gift in our sessions and then he introduced me to affirmations and the power of them. He introduced me to them because I beat myself up a lot and he wanted me to begin to affirm myself every single day. At the start of every week, my job was to write out affirmations, didn't matter if I believed them or not and to repeat them daily. The goal was that eventually I would believe the words I repeated every single day. This is when I began to also use my social media platform to encourage others through the power of affirmations.

In 2020, I suffered a significant loss with the passing of my Aunt Yvette, who was only 12 years older than me and more like a sibling. Yvette left us quickly, she was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma in July of 2019 and 6 months later she was gone. In 2020 I also went through a significant breakup, one of the ones that caused me to be still and reevaluate everything.

I prayed and asked for purpose, should I continue doing expos and giving of myself in that way or should I find another way. God spoke to me loud and clear to restart my candle line. He literally had two people call my cell phone number that hadn't changed in over 17 years to ask about Miss Lynn's Candles of Affirmation, after the second woman left a voicemail I called her back and asked her how she had heard of me because this business hasn't been around for close to 10 years. She said I did a google search on spiritual candles and you popped up at the top of the list. If that wasn't God, I don't know what was!! So, after much testing the brand was fully relaunched in 2020.

This time however I could now pull many of those affirmations from lessons from my very own life. Now fully knowing and recognizing the power of affirmations I now knew what grandma saw all those years ago and every vessel would now contain a set of affirmations to repeat even if the consumer didn't believe them. I relaunched as a full luxury home fragrance collection that includes candles, home & linen sprays, diffusers as well as other tools that now include essential oils and diffusers with our founding principles of self-actualization at the top of the list by teaching you to affirm yourself the way I learned to do it, and helping to provide mental peace and clarity.

The MLCA brand is designed to bring the edification experience directly to consumers through scent sensory with every scent curated with a specific health benefit in mind that encourages relaxation and calm and overall mental stability. I use scents that contain components known to reduce anxiety and depression and to help further mood enhancing.

I learned truly the power of affirmations and they have been life changing in helping me and I am honored to share the gift with others.

Here's a few affirmations to start your week:

I am strong and capable of achieving my goals. I start my week with courage in seeking to understand my full purpose. I will not allow doubt to come into my mind this week and I will continue to speak highly of myself.